FUNCTIONAL FABRIC TRENDS for Activewear A/W 2020/21, Performance Days Munich November 2018

„Water“ is the main topic of this fair. The focus of the textile industry is on finding new ways to save and protect our water. For example, this can be achieved by new dyeing processes and by selecting the right natural fibres. Sustainibility is still a big part of the fair and represented by a separate forum.

TRENDS of the fabrics A/W 20/21:

  • natural vs high-tec look
  • sustainable
  • fashionable
  • multi-functional


1. Metallic surfaces

Seen as embossed highdensity & lightweight fabric or as backing for 2.5 & 3-Layers.

Functional Fabric Trends for Activewear A/W 20/21 Metallics
1.. Technow | 2.Technow | 3. Flying Textile | 4.Gütermann

2.Glitter & Shine

Inspired by fashion there are many velvets and shiny fabrics: technical velvet for functional jackets as you can see in the current collection of Stone Island or high elastic velvet and shiny lycra for fitness apparel. Completed by glittering tapes, zippers and other accessories.

Functional Fabric Trends for Activewear A/W 20/21 Glitter & Shine
1.. Pioneer Elastic | 2.Performance Forum NY Trends | 3. Rosset

3.Irisée Effects

This trend creates a futuristic appeal and comes as printed pattern, zipper or as reflecting print or as bonded tape.

Functional Fabric Trends for Activewear A/W 20/21 Irisée
1.. Toyota Tsusho | 2. Myzip | 3. Flying Textile | 4.Pantera

4.Abstract Nature

Most of the prints were abstract and inspired by nature or digital graphics.

Functional Fabric Trends for Activewear A/W 20/21 Abstract Nature
1.. Performance Forum Sustainable Fabrics | 2.Tough Knitting | 3. Pioneer Elastic

5.Subtle Structures

Many fabrics impress with subtle prints or structures as honeycombs, jaquards or technical patterns. The new softshells show a variety from natural double knits with merino backings to quilted or spacer constructions.

Functional Fabric Trends for Activewear A/W 20/21 Subtle structures
1.. Performance Forum Baselayers | 2.Everest | 3.Penn Textile Solutions | 4.Brugnoli


Sherpa fleece, the rough softshells and jerseys with merino create a cosy and rustic look.

 Cool Graphics In addition to the usual colours, KTM presents Neo Mint, one of the colours for 2020. Graphics with serrations and angular geometric patterns are often found on accessories as well as clothing. 80s helmets with these decors will be reissued. The Dutch brands MACNA and REVIT are known for their innovative design details. Their collections impress with fine or speckled gradients that stand out and create a unique selling point. Fabric Trends Activewear A/W 20/21 Natural & Cosy
1. New York Trends | 2. Performance Forum | 3. Tough Knitting | 4. ACG Accent

All photos by Christine Sweers.


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