5 ISPO colour trends AW 19/20

After analyzing my impressions of ISPO show in February 2019, the following five colour trends for A/W 19/20 seem to me to be the most important for active wear. Next to all the colour palettes, which are also beautiful, but have been known for a long time. Like for example blue in all its shades, sometimes combined with bright red. For the ISPO colour trends AW 19/20 I have created a colour palette for each theme to to give you as much inspiration as possible.ISPO Trends AW 1920_ Colours


Purple with fuchsia and bluish green tones are a reminder of the 80s, which is reinforced by the iridescent fabrics. In addition white ski outfits with silver by Armani, presented in a galactic atmosphere.



ISPO Trends AW 1920_ Colours

The rainbow trend has also arrived in sport: one of the most vibrant colour themes at the fair is the combination of pink with shades of red or orange, shown here as a colour gradient at Colmar or at the helmets of Alpina.



ISPO Trends AW 1920_ Colours_3
North Face | Kästle | 2117 of Sweden | Trespass

Powder shades or pastel chalk tones were found everywhere in clothing and accessories, complemented by darker blue or burgundy.



ISPO Trends AW 1920_ Colours

All kind of yellows and orange will remain important, even newly combined with blue-grey or cold green tones. With dark blue or grey it remains a beautiful urban colour combination.



ISPO Trends AW 1920_ Colours_5
2117 of Sweden | Sportalm | Spyder | Osprey | Floor detail ISPO Hall B1

Another colourful palette, where yellow and green play an essential role: yellow sometimes as fluorescent tone, mustard or lemon yellow
Green as emerald tone or very pastel as neo mint. In combination with the classics blue, pink or olive, new and fresh colour combinations are created.


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